Accessing Microsoft DreamSpark Azure account if you have onthehub DreamSpark Premium Account Already


Microsoft DreamSpark now offers FREE Azure for all students via 

However if your institution has a DreamSpark Premium subscription with an OntheHub ELMS will need to sign up for your Azure Subscription via


Why do I need to sign up at

The DreamSpark ELMS stores are hosted by Kivuto.  Kivuto supplies software to students from a variety of companies like Microsoft, Adobe etc and they don't use a Microsoft Account to validate students.

As Microsoft Azure requires a Microsoft Account to get access to Azure, we can't automatically reconcile all the registered email address from with a Microsoft Account because there's no guarantee that's the email address they have associated with their Microsoft Account.

So if you try to access Azure services from your academic email registered to your onthehub store you will receive the error below. which states ‘This Offer is only available to DreamSpark members’


Students with a DreamSpark premium subscription who’s institution have a onthehub store need to activate a additional account to access the FREE Azure services.

This account will NOT impact your access to your institutions onthehub DreamSpark premium resources.

Here how to Get Access to DreamSpark Azure services

1. Go to and select Create Account


2. Sign-in with or create your Microsoft Account (eg: Hotmail, Outlook, or your Shibboleth academic login). On the Academic Verification page, select the best verification option for yourself, fill in the necessary data, and click Verify and then Continue. See here for more details instructions on account setup.


With your verified account you can now start downloading Microsoft Azure

3. Go to and setup your Azure account


4. Get the most out of your membership and checkout these free course to help you learn more at

Beginner Courses

Azure Fundamentals:

Comments (4)

  1. Salman says:

    I went through all of these steps. Yet I get the same error message. Kindly help

  2. Russ says:

    I’m confused. I am a IT student at a college that has a Dreamspark Premium membership. I followed these instructions, created an Azure account and have verified my with my college email. I went to set up a VM on azure, a Windows Server 2012 R2, and it says I have to upgrade to be able to use those services. Did I not perform a step correctly? Maybe I was wrong but I was under the impression that linking my Dreamspark Premium account would allow me to make use of the images there.

    Is a azure free for Dreamspark Premium members? I know there are different tiers but is Azure atleast free to build a small deployment?

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    1. Lee Stott says:

      Hi Russ

      Microsoft DreamSpark only offers a subset of Azure Features to students for FREE at present DreamSpark azure offers the following Microsoft Azure for DreamSpark gets you started with the services you need to develop in the cloud at no cost, using Visual Studio Community 2015 see

      At present VMs aren’t part of the students offering for VM availability see

      NEW Notification Hubs: keeps you in touch with users by enabling you to send mobile push notifications tailored by audience, language, and location using any back end, and major mobile platforms.

      NEW With Azure Mobile Apps, your cross-platform mobile app gains a cloud backend providing a variety of essential app services including authentication, social integration, offline data sync, and more, regardless of whether your app runs on Windows 10, iOS, or Android.

      NEW With SQL Database, build secure, global SaaS applications that support massive scale.

      Azure App Service Web Apps is a part of a fully managed cloud offering that enables you to build and deploy web apps in seconds. Use ASP.NET, Java, PHP, Node.js or Python. Run popular web apps and CMS solutions. Set up continuous integration and deployment workflows with VSO, GitHub, TeamCity, Hudson or BitBucket – enabling you to automatically build, test and deploy your web app on each successful code check-in or integration tests. 

      MySQL Database from ClearDB adds the power of MySQL to your Web Apps. With clearDB MySQL you can deploy more kinds of web apps and CMS solutions such as WordPress, Joomla, Acquia Drupal, phpBB, and more.

      Visual Studio Application Insights provides you with the deep diagnostics and performance telemetry to ensure your web apps and services are running at their maximum potential. Search and analyze your data to continuously improve your application, prioritize future investments and improve the overall customer experience.

      Visual Studio Team Services provides a set of cloud-powered collaboration tools that work with your existing IDE or editor, so your team can work effectively on software projects of all shapes and sizes.

      1. AS says:

        after visiting the portal and student verification, i got an email to verify my student subscription. but the link is not working. what should i do?

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