Microsoft Architectural Patterns and Practices–BluePrint Examples and Resources for Microsoft Azure


The Microsoft blueprint resources illustrates real-world scenario that uses Microsoft Azure to manage and monitor the data flows.


These example range from the very small to larger enterprise systems leveraging Azure Big Compute, Big Data, and infrastructure services including Batch, HDInsight, Machine Learning, Virtual Machines, Virtual Network and more to build cost-effective solutions.

To build your next solution, check out the collection of scenario-based Microsoft Architectural Blueprints and additional resources on the Pattern & Practices GitHub repository which include source code and machine configurations

Azure in education

Using Azure in your research or in teaching a course? Microsoft is committed to supporting education and has various programs to meet your needs.


Empower faculty to leverage Microsoft Azure in teaching cutting edge courses

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The Educator Grant is a program designed specifically to provide access to Microsoft Azure to college and university professors teaching advanced courses. As part of the program, faculty teaching Azure in their curricula are awarded subscriptions to support their course.

To apply for an Educator Grant fill out this simple application form.

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Accelerate the speed of scientific discovery with Microsoft Azure

The Microsoft Azure for Research program accelerates scholarly and scientific research customized for academic, government, and industry researchers to use big data computations, collaboration, and data-intensive processing in the cloud. Take full advantage of the power and scalability of Microsoft Azure, a platform that supports frameworks like Azure Machine Learning and programing tools including Linux, Python, Java, Hadoop, and Microsoft .NET. Get access to a variety of tools and resources to maximize the benefits of cloud computing by the following:

  • Free access to Azure cloud computing and storage (submit proposals for Azure for Research Awards)
  • Training classes and webinars
  • Technical resources and support
  • Community discussion on LinkedIn (Microsoft Azure for Research group) and Twitter (@Azure4Research)

For more information, visit

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