Imagine Cup Innovation Competition Results

Microsoft Imagine Cup 2015
Innovation Competition Results

In 1st place

Team Efit Fashion from Brazil

About the Team

We are a multidisciplinary team from the areas of Information Systems and Fashion, seeking for solutions to encompass both areas with intelligence, in order to bring improvements to people and companies around the globe.

About the Project

The project "Clothes For Me" is a online marketplace develop to sell custom made and tailored clothes in a simpler way. The goal is to increase the development of the ePMG software, which generates patterns of clothes automatically, based on the user's measures. That way, everyone can find clothes that fits perfectly, no matter what type of body you have. We aim to connect customers, seamstresses and clothing firms all over the world, offering them a channel to get in touch, with reliability and security. (read more…)

In 2nd place

Team NoObs from Azerbaijan

About the Team

The main goal of the team is to prove that technology can help people improve the quality of their lives.
NoObs team consists of 4 people
Movsumzade Arif - Developer
Ismaylov Nizami - Developer
Rustamova Fidan - Designer/Manager
Rustamova Ulviya - Developer

About the Project

The project called 'Spinal' aims at helping people to control their posture, preventing consequences of wrong spinal position while they are sitting,walking,working etc. It helps develop a habit of correcting back position by using special sensors and phone (Windows Phone 8).

Imagine Cup Innovation Pitch

In 3rd place

Team Siymb from UK 

About the Team

A team of bold and innovative minds that are crazy enough to believe they can fundamentally change real-life communication.
Wünscher, Konstantin
2nd year, Finance and Economics
Delov, Konstantin
1st year, Management and Marketing
Zeitler, Jakob
1st year, Philosophy, Politics and Economics (yes, I can actually code even though I am not studying Computer Science … ) (read more…)

About the Project

Siymb looks towards bringing conferences and exhibitions to the twenty first century. It will shatter the fishbowls full of business cards and burn their contents to ashes.
The basic idea is using an inexpensive wearable to transform the way people interact with each other during conferences and exhibitions.

Congratulations to the UK team you can follow their progress at and via twitter at @siymb_com

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