WINDOWS 10 Launch and Imagine Cup

This is a pretty awesome week to be in Seattle.

I am currently out in Seattle with the UK imagine Cup team, the past few months we have preparing for the finals of the Imagine Cup 2015 with our initial presentations taking place on Wednesday. The atmosphere here on campus at the University of Washington is electric with all the world wide teams saying at Alder Hall.

Teams have travelled from all over the word to be here and take place at the world wide finals.. its this is such amazing week and a once in a life time experience for these student to make this even more impressive the teams are going to be on the Microsoft campus for the launch of Windows 10.

Microsoft has always embraced a vision for connecting people and technology in powerful new ways and the release of Windows 10 will connect our Imagine Cup students with new opportunities to realise their potential.

Windows 10 brings the most unified platform we’ve ever had, making it easier than ever for students to code for multiple devices and interfaces.


Every year we see the latest innovative technologies in Imagine Cup projects. Students have been doing great work with motion control and natural user interfaces for years now, as well as connected devices in the Internet of Things, voice control, and virtual and augmented reality.

Now we have a unified platform in Windows 10 that supports these and other technologies, making it easier than ever for students to get from dream to working code in the shortest possible time.

Our 2016 season of Imagine Cup kicks off at the conclusion of the World Championship on July 31.We’re going to see incredible work over this next year as our students master Windows 10 and show us how big their dreams can be.

On July 29, we will make Windows 10 available to the world, across 190 countries, as a free upgrade.

We are really excited to deliver Windows 10, and its many, many innovations, to the world. We want to celebrate with people who use Windows - all 1.5 billion of you - and the nearly 5 million Windows Insiders who helped us build Windows 10.

 trex whale

We seek to inspire and empower people around the world - to not just upgrade Windows, but also to upgrade the world. The opportunity is unique but it is true to the mission of the company and to the passion we each share to make a difference in the lives of our customers.

We’ll get started on July 29, when Windows 10 first becomes broadly available.  We’ll celebrate the launch of Windows 10 by celebrating the people and organisations who upgrade the world every day – and by helping them do even more good in their communities. 

We’d love for you to join us. #UpgradeYourWorld.

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