IMAGINE@MVA online learning resources free to students

As part of Microsoft’s commitment to empowering students to become the next generation of innovators, entrepreneurs and developers, we are introducing a complete set of Computer Science training resources & certifications on the Imagine@MVA site. 

This content was created to engage and excite students of all ages (9-18) and help educators build effective STEM programs.  Learning Computer Science skills opens the door to world-changing possibilities for any student at any skill level to allow them to code virtually anything.



What type of content can you find on Imagine@MVA?

We offer four different courses to fit any skill level:

· Learn to Code Series:  an introductory course that is light and engaging, with Hour of Code content designed to get students excited about coding and have fun

· Creative Coding through Games and Apps:  this next level course allows students to learn by doing.  Students learn to create an app or game of their own, and hopefully get hooked on coding.

· CS50.AP:  This is a Harvard-inspired, challenging journey that prepares students for the AP CS Principles Exam.  This course includes not only programming, but also real world problem solving and algorithm building, so students get the right foundation to build programs and college credit.

· Microsoft Technology Associate:  This series offers professional certification for building careers and employability.  Students can find their own path based on their aptitude, so they understand their career possibilities and also get an MTA certification.

Whether a student is interested in the academic route, increasing their employability, or creating something special that could change the world – Computer Science skills are essential to their success.  Imagine@MVA allows students to forge their own path with the skills and training they will need, and equips educators to help them along this journey.

Please visit Imagine@MVA to learn more about how you can take advantage of this incredible resource. 

How can educators best leverage the content on this site?

Through our ongoing interactions with the educator communities, we keep hearing great interest and need for in-depth, product specific training and the accompanying credentials. 

The content on Imagine@MVA provides the tools needed to help schools and teachers integrate Microsoft certifications into the curriculum, use them as learning and assessment resources, and prepare students for success in higher education and future careers.   We know that today’s students want to learn in different ways, and assemble a “portfolio” of knowledge and validations that are most suitable for their area of focus or chosen career path.  We are continuing our discussions with teachers about looking at Microsoft’s training and certification programs as a tool for both teaching and learning, with a high level of relevance in both academic and career readiness, to inspire and prepare students for future success. 

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