Using Azure Machine Learning (#AzureML) for education

Azure ML Studio – Getting to Grips with Machine Learning and Microsoft Azure

With ML Studio there is no need for a student to have any experience in computer programming so its perfect for Geography, Sociology and other discipline who create vast amounts of data.


Azure ML provides a very low-friction way of enabling students to discover how different ML algorithms perform using real-world examples, such as predicting car prices, estimating Twitter sentiment, Detecting credit risk anomalies and predicting flight delays.

Where Azure ML really helps is through instructors pre-building ML workflows and sharing them with students, either privately using a collaborative workspace, or publicly through the Azure ML gallery.

ROC curves for models

(Figure shows evaluating a model in Azure ML, including ROC curve and scoring metrics – see

Getting Started with Azure ML

One of the best ways of getting started with Azure ML is to setup workflows with data and allow students to ‘fill-in-the-blanks’, maybe comparing how different ML algorithms perform on the same problem.

Datasets and access to data for ML

There is a plethora of sample datasets built into ML Studio for you to create educational material around, as well as many tutorials already built by the community published in the gallery.

Getting to Grips with ML 

A unique feature is the ability to include your own R and Python code, so there is ultimate flexibility in what you can do. And when a model has been validated, it is easy to publish this as a web service with an auto-documented REST API, to be consumed by apps. Again all students now get Free web services with Microsoft Imagine via DreamSpark


Get started with Azure ML for education:

Next Steps

Microsoft has a growing need for smart talent in this area, so we fully support the efforts of academia to educate and inspire the next-generation.

So please explore and let us know what you are doing with Azure Machine Learning and your students, we’re here to help.

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