Deploying apps to Windows 10 devices via WinAppDeployCMD

WinAppDeployCMD is a stand-alone tool that is installed on your PC when you install the Windows 10 SDK.

Getting the latest Windows 10 SDK

Windows 10 SDK preview (10166 or newer) from the Windows 10 Developer Tools page. This tool will also be in the RTM version of the Windows 10 SDK..

How do I get started?

To deploy an app to a device, you need to enable it for development. First, upgrade the to the latest Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 10149 emulator released recently and follow these simple steps to prepare your device:

1. On the phone that you want to enable for development, go to Settings. Choose Update & security then select For developers.
2. Select Developer mode to enable side-load scenarios using WinAppDeployCmd.exe.


For more details, please read the MSDN topic Enable your device for development. Once you have successfully enabled the phone for development, follow the steps on the MSDN topic Windows 10 Application Deployment to get your apps on to the device.

Tip: If you’d like to see the tool in action, watch this video.

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