Team Siymb from Exeter – Representing the UK at the World Wide Imagine Cup Finals

The 2015 World Semi-Finals round of the Imagine Cup are now complete, this year we had over 150 teams from 64 countries competing.

Team Siymb from Exeter University will be representing the UK in the Innovation category at the 2015 World Wide Imagine Cup Finals in Seattle, on the 31st of July for a chance to win $50,000 & a 1-1 with Satya Nadella!

Please join me in congratulating team Siymb on this incredible achievement !!


Who are team Siymb?

Team Siymb are made up of Konstantin Wuenscher, Konstantin Delov and Jakob Zeitler who are a mixture of 1st & 2nd year Exeter University Students.

Siymb looks towards bringing conferences and exhibitions to the twenty first century. It will shatter the fishbowl full of business cards and burn their contents to ashes.

The basic idea is using Microsoft Band wearable to transform the way people interact with each other during conferences and exhibitions.


With a simple handshake, participants will be able to exchange details about each other. No more looking for the right profile or lost contacts. All the information you need will be available through our integrated online system.

To build our customer database simultaneously, they will be targeting the organisers of those event, rather than selling to individuals and offer them various benefits in return of their investment.

The team have already had a TV debut to an audience of over 2,000 viewers when they appeared on day 1 of the Azure Tech Days Special. 

Having won the Cloud Innovation Award at the Imagine Make It Happen event back in March,  the team shared their story with Andrew Fryer on how they are connecting data with their smart bracelet through the cloud and using Azure to solve some of the business challenges they faced whilst developing their Imagine Cup project. 


What happens next?

The UK has a legacy of success at the World Wide Finals, taking the trophy home in 2013! with team Colinked

From now until the end of July we will be working with Team Siymb in for preparing for the World Wide Finals. If your interested in finding out who the competition is then see the full list of finalist here

What opportunities are in store for the team once they get to Seattle: The Imagine Cup 2015 Agenda

There are some fantastic opportunities in store for Team Siymb during their week-long visit to Seattle!

Find the full agenda below:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6


27 July


28 July


29 July


30 July


31 July


1 August


Briefing begins at 5:00pm



Showcase Setup

TechReady Ask the Experts


MSP Summit

Live Presentations

Hands-on Judging

MS-wide Showcase


Awards Presentation

Community Day

TechReady Party


Championship webcast

Event Ends 2pm CET


Our  World Wide Final Imagine Cup 2015 Journey is just beginning and we are all very excited about what lies ahead!

Please help us amplify Team Siymb’s success by sharing their story on your and in your networks!

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With the standard being so high this year, all of our UK World Semi- Finalists have done incredibly well to get to this stage in the Imagine Cup if you want to read more about the UK finals see

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