Windows 10 on Embedded devices now available via Windows IoT Insider


This week at  Build 2015  and Raspberry Pi and various other hardware vendors were present. One of the key announcement was the availability of Windows 10 IoT Core Insider Preview


The Windows 10 IoT Core Insider is a public release of Windows 10 for Raspberry Pi 2

So how do you get access to Windows 10 IoT Core Insider Preview

To get started register at


You need to create a connect account
You need to have a windows 10 insider account
You have to take the survey on Connect and accept the terms before getting access to the downloads.

    The Hardware support with IoT insider are


    The RPI2 and Minnow run the Windows 10 IoT Core.



    Windows Remote Arduino

    Windows Remote Arduino allows the control of an Arduino board through a Bluetooth or USB connection from a Universal app running on, say, a Windows 10 Phone or Desktop.

    Windows Virtual Shields for Arduino

    Windows Virtual Shields for Arduino abstracts (or virtualizes) Arduino libraries up into a Universal App on a Windows 10 device. This includes the Arduino wire library.

    The Galileo

    The Galileo runs a headless IoT version of Windows 8.1 with an Arduino IO profile

    So interested in more from \\Build 2015

    Some key  IoT Sessions and announcements

    Sessions with the IoT content:

    Raspberry Pi, Arduino  IoT Session Windows for Makers- Raspberry Pi 2, Arduino and More

    Getting a understanding of IoT - Internet of Things Overview

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    1. consorcio says:

      my Bluetooth damage,not working in windows10

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