DreamSpark Survey for UK students and educators 2014/2015


We need to know your thoughts about DreamSpark  help us, help the next generation of students

We are inviting students and educators to complete a short survey to help us better understand how the DreamSpark programme is supporting you.

We would like to understand what range of applications and tools have been of use to you, how often you use them and how effective they have been in supporting your skills development or teaching and learning.

Most importantly, we would like to understand how effective access to DreamSpark has been in supporting your academic achievements.

You also have a chance to let us know about any particularly positive or negative experiences you have had so we can ensure that in the future we are delivering an even better service.

We are only looking for a few minutes of your time and all responses remain anonymous.

Educator version: http://dreamspark.eduresearch.org.uk

Student version: http://dreamspark-student.eduresearch.org.uk

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