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 James Mintram and I will return for an advanced course, “Developing Games with Marmalade and C++ for Windows and Windows Phone.” If you want to build on the skills you learned in Creating Your First Marmalade Game, join us on February 26.

We’ll learn about building the game, deploying it to a device, and including features, like "game save" and leaderboards. We’ll add a cloud back end, and we’ll explore monetization. Plus, we’ll look at best practices for game ads, packaging, and publishing, as we integrate with Windows platform-specific features. Bring your questions!

Course Outline

  • Marmalade and Visual Studio Overview
  • Building the Gameplay
  • Cloud Services
  • Monetization
  • Creating Marmalade Extensions
  • Packaging & Finishing Touches

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Developing Games with Marmalade and C++ for Windows and Windows Phone

Date: February 26, 2015
Time: 9am‒1:30pm PST
Where: Jump Start training with live Q&A
Cost: Free!

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  1. Randomuser says:

    Which tool they are going to use pure game in Marmalade c++ or Marmalade quick?

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