28 days to accelerate your tech skills. Join the Know It. Prove It. challenge! http://www.knowitproveit.com

For the next four weeks. Make a potentially life-changing commitment to yourself, to us, and to your friends, family, and colleagues, sit down every day, and learn.

Know it.

We want you to know your stuff, so the challenge is chock full of great courses spread across eight different learning challenges. Pick an area that interests you, regardless of your job title. Dive right in on Day One with the introductory stuff and, by the end of February, you'll possess some serious eye-opening knowledge.

Prove it.

We want you to show off your training. You can easily share your involvement through social channels, like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Each learning challenge comes with a badge you can use, and we have a full set of forums you can join. Oh, and I should mention both regional and technology leaderboards! Plus, Know it. Prove it. learning challenges are full of MVA courses, and you get the digital certificate of completion for each course you finish. Get involved, show your success, get help if you’re stuck, and rock it.

Well, what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity to launch your year off right. Join the challenge to better your technology skills. Don’t lose yourself to the day-to-day forever! Be a rock star in the KiPi Band!

See you on launch day, February 1! Register now so you’re ready. See you there!

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