Adding a Cloud Backend to your game for telemetry management

An Introduction to Red Dog Racing from Alan Smith


You can watch this video introduction to Red Dog Racing is a 3D driving game that makes use of back-end services hosted in Microsoft Azure. Sector and lap time data and telemetry data is send from the game to the Azure Service Bus.

A Microsoft Azure worker role worker role is used to de-queue and process the data and store it as entities in Windows Azure Table Storage. Telemetry data is also sent to Windows Azure Blob Storage to provide the game with a replay function that displays ghost cars for the fastest laps driven by other players. The best lap times, overall standings, and driver telemetry data can be viewed on a website.

I have used the game as one of the scenarios in my recently published PluralSight course Windows Azure Storage In-Depth, to show how I use Queues, Table Storage and Blobs to process and store  lap time, telemetry data and replay data from the game.

Here an overview of the various Azure Storage Solution

If you want to learn more about telemetry processing or implementing game services in Windows Azure, or would be interested in a Windows Azure training course please feel free to contact me though this blog.

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