Get $300 of Azure for 3 Months for FREE to build your cloud backend


The UK is a hotbed for great games innovation, and Microsoft is committed to helping start-ups and independent games developers accelerate their route to market.  By offering free cloud services, developer tools, and support from our team, we are making it easier than ever for game developers to quickly grow their businesses.  Building games with the cloud can help them quickly scale their reach across platforms, tap into the massive computing power of the cloud on demand, and immediately gain global reach without having to invest in building their own costly infrastructure.

So would you..

Be interested in getting 3 month Microsoft Azure Cloud for up to 20 cores free for up to $100 usage per month.

Free game data storage and $1.2 M innovation fund enables iOS, Android, Windows, Xbox game developers to benefit from cloud computing

Independent game developers across the UK can apply to receive substantial benefits from the fund including free cloud services from Microsoft Azure, Visual Studio development tools, other software, plus access to Microsoft's Technology Advisory team to support indie game studio development.

If Yes?

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