Getting Started with Cloud Services to backend your game– SOA Models and best practice

Microsoft wants you to be a successful game developer. We want you to capitalise on the emerging market landscape with the models made possible by cloud

To help you get started we have developed the following models. These models help you understand what cloud is? what services are offered? How the cloud can help your game and studio.

Gaming Model 1 – Palabra Simple turn based game (demonstrates the architectural model and cloud services required to setup the service)

Get started in the cloud with a simple turn-taking game.

3D 2DVideo

Gaming Model 2 Wordament Full cross platform game developed in Xamarin (demonstrates the architectural and cloud services required to setup the services)

Set up your gaming infrastructure. Add a leaderboard that’s updated continually.


Gaming 3 – Zoo Tycoon Friends Windows 8 and Windows Phone game built by Xbox Studios on a game franchise offers highly scalable services.

Use the cloud infrastructure for more complex transactions such as validating user actions.


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