3D Game Dev Starter Kit – Unity3D



The hardest thing with video game development is, “Where do I start?”  Well a colleague at Microsoft David Cook has answered this with the development of the 3D Game Dev starter kit for Unity3d

You can download this from https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=BA8DC4B28555902A!1496&authkey=!AACNnQmRmY0GGkg&ithint=file%2czip

First Steps

Start by simply opening up the kit, looking around a bit, and then changing the name in the credits to your name  and the name of the game from Space Robot Zombie Escape to something your own. 

0Its a Starter Kit, so you have a few directions you can go with it.

  1. Build on the existing kit.  Add new platforms, tweak the collision boxes a bit more, add new events and interesting things.
  2. Take the existing kit and build a completely new game with it!  Get the “elementals” asset and start figuring out how to get the robot and the zombie to fight with each other, incorporate magic, or maybe have cars and space ships!

After that, go to File -> Build, and build the game as a Universal App (should be selected for you already).  Once your happy with the game you can publish it to the Windows 8 and Windows Phone Store.


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