A start-up is not a Game! Some help.. to get started on your game dev journey

So are you new Game Developer? what type of startup do you want to be?

Type 1 - Ambitious: want to be worth £20M+ minimum in 3 years.

Type 2 - “Game Changing”

Type 3 - Build/leverage new technology/ business model innovations

So what type of games do you make?



So where are you in the Start-up journey?


How Start-Up Funding Works ?


So what's required to become and investable start-up?

Team, Tech & resources that is FIT for the task of creating an awesome company

Product that is the best solution FIT for the target customers problems.

Business Model that is FIT to be scaled.

Team, Tech & resources that is FIT for the task of creating an awesome company

Product that is the best solution FIT for the target customers problems.

Business Model that is FIT to be scaled.

Sources of Help

Microsoft BizSpark http://www.bizspark.com

Microsoft Venture https://www.microsoftventures.com/accelerators/london

Capital Enterprise; www.capitalenterprise.org

Meet-up - http://www.meetup.com

Mobile Academy- http://themobileacademy.org.uk/

Makers Academy- http://www.makersacademy.com/

GoGowo- http://www.gocowo.com

Skills Matter- http://skillsmatter.com/

Start- up Britain - http://www.startupbritain.org

British Library- www.bl.uk/bipc

General Assembly- https://generalassemb.ly/locations/london

Innovation Warehouse- http://www.theiw.org

IC Tomorrow - https://connect.innovateuk.org/web/ictomorrow

UCL Decide- https://www.ucl.ac.uk/decide

Start-up Weekend- London- http://london.startupweekend.org/

Launch 48- http://launch48.com/

Mobile Collective http://mobilecollective.wordpress.com

3 Beards- http://www.3-beards.com/

Tech Hub- http://www.techhub.com/events/

Dreamstake- http://www.dreamstake.net/events

Capital List Get Together- http://www.capitallistblog.co/our-monthly-monday-get-together/

Funding Games Development & Beta Testing

Grants & Awards General

Technology Strategy Board ( R&D Funding) - http://www.innovateuk.org - http://www.innovateuk.org/content/competition/grant-for-rd-single-business.ashx

Knowledge Transfer Networks- www.innovateuk.org

Abertay Prototype Fund - http://prototypefund.abertay.ac.uk/

Skillset - http://www.creativeskillset.org/games/

IC Tomorrow- https://connect.innovateuk.org/web/ictomorrow

NESTA- http://www.nesta.org.uk/

London European Enterprise Network- http://www.een-london.co.uk

E Funding for SME R&D - http://www.eurostars-eureka.eu/what.do

EU Funding for R&D collaborations: http://ec.europa.eu/research/participants/portal/page/calls

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships funding support- http://www.ktponline.org.uk/ktp-what-will-it-cost-my-business

J4B- Portal for grant finding http://www.j4b.co.uk

Game Competitions



Grant to Develop Video Games

This brand new scheme aims to help independent, European companies to develop either a video game concept or project that has the potential to circulate within the European Union and beyond. http://www.mediadeskuk.eu/funding/ 

Start-up loans

Sources of Grants- www.j4b.co.uk

Competition funding £1000 issued to 10+ businesses per month- http://www.shell-livewire.org

Princes Trust http://www.princes-trust.org.uk/need_help/enterprise_programme.aspx

£1000- £20,000 Enterprise Loans for Under 25’s- www.startuploanslondon.co.uk or www.startuploans.com

New Enterprise Allowance Scheme – Check who delivers the scheme in London by e-mailing Capital Enterprise.

Community Development Finance Associations- http://www.cdfa.org.uk - Also check out North London Community Finance

 ELSBC Access to Finance – Business Plan support for those looking to raise up to £10K

Soft loans for Creative Businesses- http://www.creativeindustryfinance.org.uk/


Crowd funding Platforms

Reward based Crowdfunding platforms- will help you to raise funding to build a proto-type and market test a great idea or product.- Great for pre-selling cool tech hardware.


www.indiegogo.com (USA)











Microsoft Venture https://www.microsoftventures.com/accelerators/london

What they provide?

Fellow Community of entrepreneurs & supporters

Runway support & funding (£15-£100K at standardised investment terms. )

( 3-6 months on average)

Physical Space & Facilities

Mentors ( 1st Industry- 2nd Investors)

Help to Rapid Field Trail with users & customers.

Demo days- Introductions to Investors/ customers

What can they test?

Product- Assess Functional use/ improve design & UX

Market Reaction- interest/ usage/revenue - AARRR

Revenue/ profit Potential- pricing, market timing, LTV/CCA

Business Model- “To Pivot or Not To Pivot”

Investor reaction- interest and valuations

Team- ability to work together and deliver.

So are you ready for investment?


Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme-SEIS http://www.seis.co.uk/

SEIS is a tax break launched in 2012 for UK tax payers to encourage them to buy shares in start-up companies registered in the UK

The Facts:

SEIS investors can input £100,000 in a single tax year rising to a maximum £150,000 over two or more tax years in to a single company

Investors cannot control the company receiving their capital

Investors pick up 50% tax relief in the tax year the investment is made, regardless of their marginal rate.

Ihe business must be a start-up company -registered in the UK within 2 years of claim.

The company must not employ more than 25 workers.

The company must have assets of less than £200,000.

The company has to trade in an approved sector – generally not in finance or investment, for example, a property company raise capital as a SEIS.

Building the perfect pitch


Who to approach?

Seed/ Early stage Investment Platforms





Angel Platforms



Top SEIS Funding Syndicates

1.Jenson Solutions- www.jensonsolutions.com
2.Ingenious Media- www.ingeniousmedia.co.uk
3.Ascension Ventures- http://www.ascensionmedia.com/ascension-ventures.php
4.Start-up Funding Club- http://www.startupfundingclub.com/
5.Ascot SEIS – www.ascotwm.com

Top Traditional Angel Syndicates

1.London Business Angels: http://www.lbangels.co.uk/
2.E100 (LBS)
3.Oxford Angels: http://www.oxei.co.uk
4.Cambridge: http://cambridgeangels.com
5.Envestors- www.envestors.co.uk
6. Angels Den- www.angelsden.com

Super Seed Investors

1. Playfair Capital- http://playfaircapital.com
2.Angel Pad http://angellab.co.uk/
3.Kima Ventures- http://www.kimaventures.com
4.Boundary Capital - www.boundarycapital.com
5.Venerex ( Fashion Tech- see Capital List)
6.Jam Jar Investments- http://jamjarinvestments.com
7.No 1 Seed - www.number1seed.co.uk
8.Warner Yard Associates - http://www.warneryard.com
9.Angel List – www.angel.co

Specialist funds

NESTA - www.nesta.org.uk/investments

Unltd – www.ubltd.org.uk

Big Society Capital- http://www.bigsocietycapital.com

Sources of Social Finance- http://www.bigsocietycapital.com/finding-the-right-investment

Bridges Venture Fund http://www.bridgesventures.com/social-entrepreneurs-fund

Big Issue Investment- http://www.bigissueinvest.com

Social Finance- http://www.socialfinance.org.uk

Social Investment Fund- http://www.thesocialinvestmentbusiness.org

Stargate Capital- Trapezia- http://www.stargatecapital.co.uk/

FSE- Incito- http://thefsegroup.com/investors/business-angels/incito-ventures/

Aspire Fund - http://www.capitalforenterprise.gov.uk/files/Aspire%20Information%20Leaflet%20(v%202)%20Flyer%20brochure.pdf

Bridges Sustainable Fund- http://www.bridgesventures.com/sustainable-growth-funds

Ingenious Media- Cleantech Fund http://www.ingeniousmedia.co.uk/investments/investment-opportunities/clean-energy

Carbon Trust- http://www.carbontrust.com/about-us/our-investments

Low Carbon Accelerator- http://www.lowcarbonaccelerator.com

CT Investment Partners- http://www.ctip.co.uk

Wellington Partners- http://www.wellington-partners.com/wp/index.html

Games Investors

London Venture Partners - http://www.londonvp.com/

DN Capital - http://dncapital.com/

Initial Capital - http://www.initialcapital.com

White Star Capital - http://whitestarvc.com/

Playfair Capital - http://playfaircapital.com

Profounders- http://www.profounderscapital.com

Connect Ventures- http://connectventures.co.uk

Balderton- http://www.balderton.com

Index- http://www.indexventures.com

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  1. arbee says:

    other UK equity crowdfunding platforms include fundingtree, CrowdBnk.com, http://www.investingzone.com – lots more sources of funding appearing all the time.

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