Windows 10 Tech Preview unable to build to Windows Store in Unity?

I had a few question from game developers running into problems with the technical preview of Windows 10.

Windows 10 is now available for FREE via the Windows Insiders program and for MSDN Subscribers. over 1 million users are now running the technical preview.

The problem which I have been seeing is with Developers who are using Windows 10 and Unity3d 4.6 some are encountering the following issues. So I thought the following blog may provide a bit of support in addressing a fix.

Reported issues include

Previous projects now crash when loading them into Visual Studio 

New Projects now crash on launch from Visual Studio

To fix the issue you simply need to update DirectX SDK

DirectX SDK Debug Layer: To obtain the Windows 10 Technical Preview  and Unity3d version of the DirectX Debug Layer DLLs required to successfully use D3D11_CREATE_DEBUG_DEVICE or the Visual Studio 2013 Graphics Diagnostics feature, download it from here.

This will get integrated in a future version of the Window SDK for the RTM release of Windows 10. Be sure to install VS 2013, Windows SDK 8.1, and/or VS 2013 Remote Debugging Tools in addition to installing this patch.

If your an avid gamer then I would suggest you follow the following guidance also

Win32 desktop games: Such as STEAM

The existing guidance for quality Win32 desktop games running on Windows 7, Windows 8.0, and Windows 8.1 all applies to Windows 10 as well (see Desktop Games on Windows 8.x). Note that there is a new <compatibility> manifest section GUID for Windows 10 (see Chuck Walbourn great post on Manifest Madness).

DirectX 12: If you are looking to try out DirectX 12, you should read the DirectX Developer Blog post and sign up for the DirectX 12 Early Access program.

Web Games HTML5 and Babylon.JS

Web developers: The Technical Preview includes IE11, but there are a few improvements for Windows 10.

Build Universal Apps which support Windows Store and Windows phone

See this post.

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