Great Deals – Educational Pricing for Unity, Autodesk, Adobe and Microsoft


In partnership with Studica, Unity3d has discounted costs. Here’s a link to the page.


Also, Autodesk, creators of Maya, 3DS Max, etc., also have FREE versions of their tools for students.



Microsoft offers DreamSpark to Students and FREE developer accounts to get your apps and games published on Windows 8, Windows Phone and Xbox 360 for FREE

 Microsoft offers BizSpark to startups, and night time project devs working on their own thing.


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  1. Den says:

    And XNA 4 was completely free from the beginning and used native C# (not scripting). Will the same be true for XNA vNext?…/3725445-xna-5…/4233646-allow-net-games-on-xbox-one

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