Getting to Grips with Unity3D – Essential training resources


Get up to speed by undertaking the follow Microsoft Virtual Academy intro to Developing 2D & 3D Games with Unity.  This training was delivered by Adam Tuliper,  David Crook, Dave Voyles, Tobiah Marks, Jason Fox, Carl Callewaert (Unity) and Matt Newman.

Get up to speed by undertaking the following Microsoft Virtual Academy hosted a Porting Unity games to Windows Store and Windows Phone training event.. This training was delivered by Mickey MaDonald and Jaime Rodriguez.

Unity Offer

Porting to Windows is easy and profitable check out the following videos..

· -- is an interview with Tautvydas (one of the Unity devs for Windows Phone)

· -- is the winner of our Unity contest and also the Unite 2014 award for best 2D game..  You gotta get this inside story (especially if you were an XNA fan before)..

· -- is the winner of 3rd place on our Unity contest..   

· -- Alex Schwartz is a creative whiz.. super cool, super eloquent.. and a one to watch

· -- is a solid story on our own Microsoft Studios Zoo Tycoon friends game..  Matt Roberts from the Zoo Tycoon team show how they reused their C# logic on Unity and Azure..

· -- these folks are super creative.. they are the publisher for the Nun Attack series of games, and Zombie Tyccoon 

· -- has an interview with our dear friends at Unity Carl and JC

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