Visual Studio Online – Now allow you to share your projects with stakeholders


Last night I was attending the mentors and advisors sessions at the Launch of our latest Microsoft Ventures UK cohort.

I was speaking with the new cohort and was NOT surprised to hear that they had or were facing issues which sharing of content with third parties..

On of the key aspects of the accelerator is the availability of sharing materials with the teams mentors and advisors who is all purposes are a  third parties. We have made this possible for the team via Visual Studio Online.

Visual Studio Online now provides an easy to services allowing the the teams to share content and enable unlimited numbers of stakeholders to easily work with their Visual Studio Online projects.

So what is the Visual Studio Online Stakeholder License

Within any development project their are number of stakeholders additionally these may not be core members of the project.  Whether it’s management who periodically wants to see the status of a project, business leads defining user stories for a project, or occasional contributors reporting bugs during development.

With Visual Studio Online Stakeholders now have access to the project home page and most of the “work” related functionality. This includes the ability to view the backlog, add and edit items, run work item queries and more and more importantly any number of users in an account can be assigned a stakeholder license at no charge.

The stakeholder license enables a much broader set of users within the organization to participate in your projects.  You can learn more about the stakeholder license here.


The stakeholder license is another key step to enabling everyone in the organization to participate in software development projects through access to Visual Studio Online services.  If you haven’t tried out Visual Studio Online yet, I encourage you to sign up and take a look today.

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