Getting Started with Unity3d/Construct2 – Using a Game Template

We all love gamejams or hackathons but sometimes not all the participants have any prior knowledge of middleware or where to start with a game.

Over the past year we have done lots of work with unity3d and construct2 would like to share some game templates to help you get started building amazing gamejam games on Windows Phone and Windows 8.

Windows Game Starter Kitsunity c2

Windows Game Starter Kits

Here a selection of Unity3D game templates: Game reference here:

C2_Trivia_Template Construct 2 Trivia Template

TopDown2D_UnityKit Unity 2D Starter Kit. Top down adventure kit. Use the skeleton to destroy all the spiders invading your dungeon. Use this kit to add more levels, powers, characters etc.

C2GameWorkbooks Workbooks and Slides for Construct 2 Windows Game Workshop
MatchNBAEdition Construct 2 Game Starter kit
JumbleArtEdition Construct 2 Starter Kit
ISpySuperheroEdition Construct 2 Game Starter Kit

SteamLandsUnity Unity Game Starter Kit for Windows 8 and Windows Phone

SoundBoard Construct 2 Starter Kit

EightFacts Construct 2 Starter Kit

MatchGame Construct 2 Starter Kit
FeedTheCritter Construct 2 Starter Kit
Construct2Win8Templates Construct 2 Project Templates updated to support Widows 8 Features

More resources Full set of ImpactJS, JavaScript Unity and Construct2

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