Visual Studio Graphics Diagnostics (VSGD) now in VisualStudio 2013 Update3


VSGD is a new is a tool to help diagnose graphics rendering and performance issues in DirectX apps which has been made available with Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 RC (Download)

So where do you find VSGD

VSGD is a new option under the DEBUG->Graphics->Start Diagnostics menu or you can quick access the feature by pressing Alt+F5 on the current solution or an exe in VS.

More details on VSGD

A must read for Graphics Enthusiast is Graphics Diagnostics Overview  this provides a  high level summary of what's new in VSGD in VS 2013 Update 3 RC but here a quick list of new features.

1. New Visual Studio Graphics Analyzer IDE: A dedicated space for analyzing graphics frames

2. Shader Edit and Apply: View the impact of shader code changes in a captured log without re-running the app

  • Configure capture options in TOOLS->Options->Graphics Diagnostics
  • Command line tool for capturing and playing back frames

If you prefer to watch these features in action, check out the latest Channel9 video I will also be doing some additional blogs about the Visual Studio Graphics Analyser and Visual Studio PixelShader

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