Building Games using WebGL and Bablyon.js

If your interested in how to build games for both the Windows & Windows Phone stores using WebGL & Babylon.js:

- Using WebGL to create games for the Windows Store

- Creating a HTML5 phone, tablet & PC game using the Universal Apps project for Windows Stores

- WebGL 3D engine called Babylon.js ( This is an open-source engine

Using Cloud Services in your game

 Why and how we migrated to Microsoft Azure

If your interested in understanding more see the following links of how Ubisoft have implemented Assassins Creed:Pirates using WebGL and Bablyon.Js

- Engadget: ‘Assassins Creed: Pirates’ now available as a free-to-play browser game

- Polygon: Assassin’s Creed Pirates now available in web browsers

- The Next Web: Microsoft and Ubisoft launch 3D Web game Assassin’s Creed Pirates, built with open-source framework Babylon.JS

- Neowin: Microsoft and Ubisoft team up for Assassin’s Creed demo that runs in the browser

- Gamasutra: Ubisoft, Microsoft partner to launch Assassin’s Creed HTML5 demo

- WinSuperSite: Microsoft and Ubisoft Bring “Assassin’s Creed” Game to the Web

- BetaNews: Microsoft and Ubisoft embrace open source to bring ‘Assassin’s Creed: Pirates’ to the web

- Slashgear: Ubisoft teams with Internet Explorer for Assassin’s Creed race

- WinBeta: Ubisoft releases Assassin’s Creed Pirates in partnership with Microsoft, perfect for IE11

- TechTalkDC: WebGL Updates to IE11 Bear Fruit with Assassin’s Creed Pirates for the Web

- Click Online: Assassin’s Creed Pirates Now Playable in Browsers

- The Final Gen: Assassin’s Creed Pirates Browser Demo Available Now

- Dual Shockers: Assassin’s Creed: Pirates Available as Free-to-Play Browser Game

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