Cloud computing resources available to help tackle climate change

The effects of climate change are moving from the realm of simulation to stark reality. Understanding, managing and mitigating these effects is a critical endeavour for the global research community.

To support this effort, Microsoft Research is offering 40 Azure Awards, each with 180,000 core hours of cloud compute and 20 terabytes of cloud storage to help climate researchers. The deadline for our Climate Data Initiative call for proposals is 15th June 2014, and we’re soliciting researchers to simply submit a short (3-page) proposal online with the first word of your proposal being ‘CDI’. As part of this we are also offering our FetchClimate environmental information cloud platform for researchers to deploy, and customise, for making their own data as easy to access as finding a hotel or coffee shop on a map.

Our regular bi-monthly call for proposals next deadline is also 15th June, and can be from any domain. We are delighted to be supporting over 200 projects worldwide which are now exploring how Microsoft Azure can help in environmental science, machine learning, social sciences, life sciences, humanities, computer vision, urban computing, big data, streaming data and internet of things projects. We awarded 47 new projects in our April round of proposals, so we’re looking forward to your new proposals. Be sure to read the FAQ for extra tips and apply online.

You can keep in touch about our Azure for Research programme on LinkedIn & Twitter (@azure4research), to see if cloud computing can help you with your research -

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