Get your game/app ready for Windows store publication?

Privacy Policy – If you game/app accesses the internet for any reason, including advertising, you must have a privacy policy readily available for the player to read – whether it’s hosted directly in your game or just a link to a web-hosted policy. See section 2.7.2 in the certification requirements for more details –

Location Services – if your game makes use of location services, then you not only have to have a privacy policy, then you must provide a way for the user to opt-out without crashing the application. This can simply be a message that tells the player that location is a required game mechanism.

The Back button – Windows Phone requires handset manufacturers to implement a hardware back button for a consistent user experience. Because of this, your game should behave similar to the guidance below in order to pass certification.

  • During gameplay – present a pause menu/dialog or navigate to the previous menu. For example, in a simple game, you may simply want to return to the main menu of your game when the back button is pressed.
  • In the pause menu/dialog – pressing the back button should exit the menu/dialog and resume the game.
  • In the main menu – if the back button is pressed during the main menu, then your game should exit.

Here’s a code sample of handling the back button

in Unity the back button can be handled by the Escape Key Mapping

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