The UK AppChallenge

To celebrate UK app developer creative talent, Microsoft is excited to announce the UK AppChallenge

AppChallenge Mobile

The AppChallenge will encourage you to explore & discover new Windows & Windows Phone apps. Plus, you will get the opportunity to be rewarded with fantastic Windows devices.

It's simple to get started. First of all, download the UK Application from the Windows Phone or Windows 8 store, as appropriate (the "App"). Within the App, participate in the weekly challenge and earn points by downloading and sharing the suggested other apps suggested. The more apps you download and share, the more points you will be awarded. The top 3 competitors (those with the most points accumulated within a week) will walk away with the Windows device prizes each week.

Download The UK AppChallenge App for Windows 8


Q: Where do I do go to download the UK AppChallenge app?
A: Search for Store within either Windows 8 or Windows Phone and type in 'The UK AppChallenge' and download the app.

Q: Can I participate in I am not a resident of the UK?
A: Unfortunately no. To participate in the AppChallenge, you must be a current UK resident.

Q: How do I maximise my chances to top the leaderboard?
A: Make sure you have downloaded and shared all the selected apps as soon as it becomes available within each week of the challenge.

Q: When does each challenge start and end?
A: Each new challenge starts at Monday 12:01 AM and finishes on Sunday at 11:59 PM. This means that a new set of selected apps will be available for you to download and share on Monday.

Q: I have a Windows Phone 7 handset, am I eligible to participate in this AppChallenge?
A: Sorry, this AppChallenge is only available for Windows Phone 8 users.

Q: I've downloaded the app now. How do I earn the points?
How to earn points - Download app

Q: I've shared the app now. How do I earn the points?
How to earn points - Sharing

Q: I've added a Facebook login now. How do I earn the points?
How to earn points - Facebook

Q: How do I know if I have won the weekly challenge?
A: We will communicate to you via email within 3 days at the end of each weekly challenge with further details of prize delivery.

Q: Can I win more than once in the AppChallenge?
A: Yes, but you can only win a maximum of 4 prizes in total.

Q: I have other questions, where can I get answers from?
A: Drop an email to

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  1. Norman Browning says:

    I do not want any social media like FACEBOOK OR TWITTER I am now 84 so will wait until the next time round

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