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In less than 10 years, students have made approximately 48 million downloads of our developer tools – fuelling massive learning and innovation from students.

Microsoft has invested in thousands of Young developers and entrepreneurs with Microsoft BizSpark. The support which BizSpark has provided has provided these new companies with huge opportunity to shape the technology industry’s future.

Today’s young developers are tomorrow’s innovators and business leaders so we care and offer a range of services and support to help them succeed in the future. According to UNESCO, there are 146 million Higher Education students worldwide. Microsoft research shows that 46% of students worldwide (i.e. 67 million) are “student technologists” meaning they have done some amount of development in the last 12 months. Since its introduction in 2003, students in 165 countries have utilised Microsoft DreamSpark, generating approximately 48 million downloads of our developer tools.

We know students are passionate about technology and the  number of student developers participating in the Imagine Cup has grown from a few thousand the first year (2003) to more than 350,000 in 2011 and our research shows that more than half of student developers are non-STEM disciplines so DreamSpark is an essential tool for all institutions.


Microsoft is supporting student technologists by creating technology platforms that are easy to develop for, and funding programs that encourage students to put their ideas into action in ways that give them professional experience and financial opportunity. Student technologists are becoming an increasingly important developer base for Microsoft’s platforms especially because of their rapid adoption of new technologies. We are investing in young developers because it gives them a leg up, while also helping us foster innovation on our platforms.

Microsoft is giving a progression of support to students by offering free access to software through DreamSpark for technology development, opportunities to refine and present their technology through Imagine Cup, and then supporting their efforts to launch their ideas into businesses through BizSpark and the Imagine Cup Grants program.

If your interested in taking part in our research

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Microsoft is making a long term investment in student developers and is committed to helping them become successful technology entrepreneurs.

So what is Microsoft DreamSpark

Direct offering http://www.dreamspark.com (DreamSpark – for Students): Provides students the ability to directly download all of Microsoft’s development and design tools for free

Subscription offering (DreamSpark – for Institutions): Provides institutions to purchase an inexpensive subscription licensing them to give all of their students and educators development and design tools for free

What are the benefits

Economical Investment: Stay on the leading edge of technology with institution wide and department specific memberships

Reduced licensing cost and complexity: Deploy Microsoft’s products across labs, and give to students and educators all with a single subscription

Enhanced Teaching and learning capabilities: Engaged Students, Empowered Educators

What are the Subscription options

“DreamSpark”: Institutional wide offering – matches the direct offering available to students.

“DreamSpark Premium”: STEM-D departmental only offering. Contains all Microsoft products, minus Office Suite. Only available for qualified STEM departments

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