Accelerate the speed of scientific discovery with Windows Azure


Windows Azure provides researchers, educators, and students with the power and scalability of cloud computing for collaboration, computation, and data-intensive processing.

Windows Azure is an open and flexible global cloud platform that supports languages, tools, and frameworks, such as Linux, Python, Java, Hadoop, and the Microsoft .NET Framework.

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We are pleased to announce that we have published three new technical papers to help researchers quickly start working with Windows Azure.

The latest papers provide instructions on working with Windows Azure Cloud Services

1. Scaling a Windows Azure Cloud Service

2.  Installing the Windows Azure BLAST Example

3.Building Scalable Services in Windows Azure with Python.

These papers are appropriate for those who have received Windows Azure for Research training, awardees of the RFP program, or researchers who are simply  curious about Windows Azure; however, they do assume some prior technical computer programming skills. Read more…

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