Saving your game to the cloud


One of the biggest requests gamers have for a titles is to save their game in the cloud.

Gamers simply want the ability to save their progress so that, for example, if the upgrade to a new phone, they wouldn't have to start again.

If your a develop and your game? Is all of of the game progress is being stored on players' handsets? Whatcif something happens to that handset (e.g. they lose it, had to restore it etc.) they would lose progress!

Well here is the easy way of ensuring you can save game progress to the cloud.

· Azure Mobile services – supports storage (and therefore synchronisation), notifications, authentication.

The above supports

Windows Store
Windows Phone

· For simple W8 device game state synchronisation you can use roaming data storage option:

· There are also a number of third party providers .

For example:

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