Promote your Windows Phone app to get users’ attention and increase downloads

Here are a few quick tips for ensuring your app or game gets maximum exposure

Use Social Networking

Get a quick list of Twitter and Facebook best practices

Use the Windows Phone Store Badge

Point customers directly to your app via the ‘Download from Windows Phone Store’ badge. Incorporate the badges on your website, marketing materials, and advertising assets.

Get the badge here

Get your app promoted in the Windows Phone Store

Make sure your app is ready to merchandise using these tips

Shorten ad copy to help increase app downloads

Partner offerings to help promote your apps

Follow these steps:

First, add the Microsoft Ad SDK to your app. The Microsoft Ad SDK is already included in Visual Studio, and is the #1 most used Ad Control for Windows Phone. Show banner ads in our key markets, and get high eCPM in many countries. Learn more

Next, add the AdDuplex SDK to your app. AdDuplex is a cross-promotion network, letting you promote apps for free. For each 10 ads displayed in your app, 8 of your own ads will be displayed in other apps. The remaining 2 ads will be sold to support the service. Learn more

Then, add the Smaato SDK to your app. Smaato is a mobile advertising network running a global Real-Time Bidding exchange. Get instant access to global quality ad inventory and ad networks with a single SDK. Learn more

Finally, mix it up with AdRotator. AdRotator enables you to target multiple ad platforms and switch between them in a flexible way, to help maximize your ad revenue. AdRotator can be configured externally to your deployed apps, allowing you to change the flavours on the fly. Learn more

Comments (2)

  1. vagon drake says:

    Excellent tips. Some of them might work actually. The only thing i see is that unless you have a huge budget your not going to easily get your app noticed. i have tried submitting my app to many websites for review and they all come back with " pay us and we will " when before same websites where happy to do it for you for free.

    Here is a link to my new released fun game try it out guys.…/details

  2. GenFranco says:

    I would like to share what i have been through.

    I create an app that was too low in downloads, then I came across AdShufflr.

    This network logic is simply awesome, it works along with Pubcenter. When Pubcenter fails to provide ad, it fills my ad

    In this way I was promoting my app, without paying and without impacting my revenues

    Complete working sample are provided.

    Nice explanation:

    Why you should choose AdShullr?

    If any query ping those guys (are too supportive).

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