ID@Xbox – Independent Developers Publishing Program for Xbox One

Getting Ready for the next generation

Bring your games to Xbox One!

The ID@Xbox program enables qualified game developers of all sizes including educators and students to unleash their creativity by self-publishing digital games on Xbox One, giving studios the tools and support needed to maximize their success.

Here's the process at a glance:

The ID@Xbox Process

About ID@Xbox

No Cost Development Tools

ID@Xbox developers get access to two developer kits at no cost, as well as access to all required technical documentation, private forums, free middleware, and more. And there are no fees to submit or update a game on Xbox One.

Full Platform Access

Games that come through ID@Xbox have access to the full power of the platform, including: Kinect, Achievements, Gamerscore, Challenges, SmartGlass, Xbox Live, and more. Bottom line: If a game can do it on Xbox One, an ID@Xbox game can do it on Xbox One.

Great Discovery

On Xbox One, a game is a game. All games are sold in the same store, and have access to the same great discovery and curation features, from our store Spotlight to Trending, and viral discovery tools such as your friends' activity stream and Upload Studio.

Robust Community

From worldwide summit development events to private forums for community support, ID@Xbox is designed to help your connect with your fellow developers to share insights.

Start Building NOW!

There is NOTHING stopping you from getting started building your XBOX One game right now if you can build for Windows 8 you can build for Xbox One.

Here are the two paths available:


Unity3D will be fully supported for building XBOX One games. You can get get started right now by downloading the FREE version of Unity3D and starting to make your game straight away. Follow these tips for building to Windows 8 

Learn Unity3D, build your game for Windows 8 and be ready to publish when you get the green light on Xbox One.

Windows 8 games built using C++

XBOX One games using C++/DX again you can start building your XBOX One game using C++ / DirectX NOW by creating a Windows 8 Direct3D App project using the template provided in Visual Studio 2012.

When you are registered and get the SDK/XDK you will get the additional bits to publish and test to the XBOX One.

To help you along there are also the DirectXTK and  DirectXTex libraries which are open source already prepped to work in the XBOX One.

So Do you need a dev Kit?

No you can download Unity just start with FREE or any other Pro version for now
Start building Now for Windows 8 and just recompile your Windows 8 solution and deploy for the XBOX One when you get the bits
Waiting for approval to ID@XBOX Don’t wait just start now while you are waiting
Now don’t forget, unlike the X360 Indie program (XBLIG), the ID@XBOX process is officially curated by Microsoft, there will be an approval process to validate the quality, stability and price of your game before it’s approved to go on to the marketplace so if you understand the Windows 8 requirements these will put you in a good position for XboxOne . 

If you haven’t signed up yet!

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