Microsoft Open Source Web Application Template – A quick, easy way to bring web content to native Windows apps

The Web Application Template is a Open Source Visual Studio 2013 template that lets developers create Windows 8.1 apps based on existing web content. Used in the right way, Web Application Template can facilitate the creation of compelling extensions to your web content for Windows users.

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What can you do with Web Application Template?

Customers expect engaging online experiences on all devices, but that doesn't mean you need to sacrifice time, budget, and brand consistency by creating individual sites for every device. Many organisation have now implemented strategies for Responsive Design to create one site that delivers a consistent brand experience on any device or screen size.

The Web Application Template is a very powerful tool and you can achieve a great Windows 8 app experience utilising your existing responsive web design.

Here are some highlights of using the Web Application Template to take your responsive web site to a Windows 8 native app:

Live Tiles & Push Notifications

You can configure any RSS feed to update live tiles for your app or easily setup your website to push notifications and update live tiles even when the app isn't running.

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You can integrate the share charm so your users can share content just like they would on any other Windows app

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You can search Web Application Template-based apps the same way you would in any Windows app - via the search charm. Try it now

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Navigation Bars

You can add navigation bars which help users navigation around your app, just like in any Windows app

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CSS Overrides

You can embed CSS styles which get inserted over the existing styles on your website. This is great for adjusting the style of the site when it is presented as an app

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Hide HTML elements

You can hide name HTML element from your site. Great for removing the top navigation, footers etc which you do not need when the site is presented as an app

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You can configure which urls remain inside the app and which ones open in the browser

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HTML app

The config file is just a starting point. The app is a regular HTML Windows app which you can develop further to meet your requirements.

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Get Started

It is very easy to get started with Web Application Template. All you need is a web site and a bit of information on how to configure the json file and you can create your first app.

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Download the source code or VSIX installers from the Web Application Template codeplex site.

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