Surface in the Classroom Accessory Design Challenge

Calling all designers, educators, students & parents! We want your ideas for how classrooms can evolve to support 1:1 learning with Surface tablets. Submit a design sketch and a description of your idea, and you will be entered for a chance to win a Surface 2, or a Surface Pro 2.

Tablets are transforming the learning experience in classrooms across the world by enabling one-to-one computing, virtual group collaboration, digital skill building, mobile learning and more.

But classrooms themselves haven’t changed much over the past century – we still see rows of desks lined up facing a wall.

Now Imagine what the Classroom of the Future could look like…

What kind of furniture would it have? How would it be set up? How could Teachers and Students interact better with technology? And specifically, how can the classroom be better adapted to support tablets as a learning and teaching tool?

If you have an idea, can sketch it out, and provide a brief description – you can enter the Surface in the Classroom Accessory Design Challenge, and be entered to win a Surface 2.

The community will then vote for the top 10 best designs who will each win a Surface Pro 2.

And the Grand Prize winner will be selected by a panel of judges, and will win a Classroom of Surfaces (32 Surface 2’s) and an Anthro Charging Cart to be donated to the school of their choice.

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