Marmalade and Windows Phone

Microsoft/Marmalade Windows Phone 8 Developer Day

On the 19th of Nov we ran a dedicated day for developers building Windows Phone apps using Marmalade

Free devcies

Marmalade Windows Phone Offer

Here are some video for those who could attend the event..

Building your first Marmalade App for Windows Phone 8

In this video you’re going to learn how to build a basic application using the Marmalade SDK, run it on desktop and then run it on a Windows Phone 8 device.

Getting Started with Marmalade

This tutorial provides the necessary steps for desktop and device set-up for Windows Phone 8 along with the required software to build on the device.  

Hints and Tips for Windows Phone 8 when using Marmalade

This tutorial explains what's in the Marmalade SDK along with tips to build your games and applications to be deployed on a wide range of tablets, phones, TV’s and desktop devices.  

Deploying an Existing Marmalade Game to Windows Phone 8

This tutorial shows how to take an existing Marmalade game from the SDK and how to package it up and deploy to Windows Phone 8.

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