Storage Powered by the Cloud – FREE StorSimple Webinar 20th Nov 2013


Many organisations in the UK Public Sector are looking to do more take cost out of their basic IT operations and increase efficiencies since the Comprehensive Spending Review as they try to do more with less. 

All organisations are keeping more and more data both for regulatory purposes. Cloud integrated storage promises to provide the best of both commodity cloud cost and flexibility combined with on premise control and compliance requirements.

Introducing StorSimple, a Microsoft Solution

StorSimple is the leading vendor for cloud-integrated storage. StorSimple solutions combine primary storage, backup, archive, and disaster recovery, allowing you to optimize storage costs, data protection and service agility. With its unique cloud snapshot capability, StorSimple automatically protects and rapidly restores production data using Azure Storage.

Join us for a strategy workshop, taking you and your team through the ways a hybrid cloud storage solution reduces total storage costs and improves data protection.

Reduce storage infrastructure sprawl

Reduce data management complexity

Gain seamless and real-time scaling of primary storage through auto-tiering to Windows Azure

Significantly improve and simplify data protection

Realise up to 100x faster disaster recovery with thin restores

StorSimple cloud-integrated storage combines primary storage, backup, archive and disaster recovery with cloud integration. And is the only cloud storage solution certified by both Microsoft and VMware.

Cloud Storage Solution Webinar

Time: 14:15 – 15:00

Date: Wednesday, 20th Nov, 2013




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