Managing Azure Academic Passes with the Azure Tracker Portal


What is Azure Tracker?

Azure Tracker is a tool designed primarily with faculty and educators of students with Azure Educator grants. The tool allows users to manage and monitor student use to help optimize Windows Azure in their classroom.

What can I do on Azure Tracker?

The various sections of Azure Tracker are designed to help support the use of Windows Azure in the classroom.

· Accounts provides a consolidated view of all accounts in the course, allowing users to track the status of all accounts under their control.

· Sessions are individual sections (i.e., groups and classes) associated with Azure courses under an instructor. Sessions are customizable, so they can be managed in a way to segment students in the manner that best fits the instructors needs.

· Usage allows for tracking and reporting across multiple services, resources, and user groups.

· Feedback is a way for us to connect with you to help optimize the site from a user perspective. Send an email directly, participate in periodic surveys, and submit a case study are all ways we seek your input in order to optimize your and your students Windows Azure experience.

Getting Access to Azure Tracker Portal

You must login using your Microsoft ID (LiveID) which your Academic Passes have been granted against.

Azure Tracker Portal Site is :

Helpful Resources:

· Having trouble with Microsoft Azure, contact Azure Support at and sign in

· Need help migrating to a paid subscription, please contact

· Have a question related to your Azure Pass subscription or Azure Tracker, please contact Azure Pass Support directly at

· Interested in finding more information about Azure Academic Passes see

· Windows Azure and Cloud Curriculum resources  see

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