The Internet of Things

There’s a lot of buzz about the “Internet of Things” (IoT)

One of the key areas I get asked most questions about in regards to students projects is the internet of things.

This is a great topic for student and researchers based at Microsoft we have  huge passion for the Internet of Things over the summer I have been working with a number of Universities and here are some of the project themes which activity is being completed on during this academic year..

Using Social Media to Engage with Products

Theme: Internet of Things / Mobile Apps, Equipment:Windows Azure,  WP8 device (large screen) + Gadgeteer or RaspPi

Interfacing Physical & Digital Worlds

Theme: Internet of Things / Augmented Reality / Mobile Apps, Equipment: Windows Azure, WP8 device (large screen) + Gadgeteer/RaspPi + various sensors inc.

Connection through passive digital interaction

Theme: Internet of Things, Equipment: Windows Azure. NFC enabled WP8 device + Gadgeteer or RaspPi with NFC sensors + NFC tags

Augmented Energy Monitoring Accommodation

Theme: Mobile Apps / Augmented Reality, Equipment:Windows Azure,  WP8 device, Embedded Systems

Feedback and Demand Awareness
Theme: Internet of Things / Mobile Apps, Equipment: Windows Azure, WP8, Multiple temperate sensor kits, Embedded Systems

Why are these projects so interesting?

So with now billion devices connected to the Web and an expected 50 Billion by 2020, the Internet of Things is going to get bigger and bigger and impact us in our daily activities. Market research firm IDC in turn estimates that more than 16 billion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2015

Estimating the “Embedded Internet,” from IDC

Why has IoT gained momentum?

Simply because there is a real need for such systems and connectivity to the internet from all our devices the following is who we see our products and services.


Where is the opportunity?

The growth of this type of solution by application area has been amazing  and the opportunity for developing for these industries is clearly presented below.

Application Growth by Segment

What should you do?

If you interested in IoT related activities in your UG studies or PG activities please get in contact.

We are presently looking for as many examples of IoT based projects using Microsoft technologies and services.

As always we are always happy to provide advice guidance, suggestions and comment.

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  1. Technology is needed everywhere whether in aviation, medical, business etc. So, it is essential to add features that will truly appropriate for each of those field but economical to all.

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