Cloud Gaming Opportunity Unleashed

Traditional cloud gaming has been associated with streaming of game content only well things have really changed with the advent of apps.

Many of today’s top apps and games have been truly unleashed as a result of today’s mobile platforms.

For an app to be truly successful they need to exist, in some capacity, on the Cloud. The cloud is the glue that helps apps truly realize the monetization and audience engagement that today’s developers all seek and consumers require to create that truly connected experiences across all of their connected devices. The following video is how Microsoft believe the Cloud can create and unleash this opportunity.

One of the key things I always raise in my presentation, is Microsoft opportunity with using Cloud Services, Windows Azure helps developers truly land cross platform game/apps story using Windows Azure.

Windows Azure is the core of modern day apps cross Microsoft technologies from Xbox to Embedded systems.


Azure is an open platform, with Azure  we can support developers building their Web, IoS & Android game/app development using the technologies and services that the Developer are use to using be that PHP, Phython, Node etc. 


What our Cloud + Gaming Apps story with Windows Azure Mobile Services


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    Except Azure costs so for some, its not an option, its an Epic Fail

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