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Have you Got your game face on?

Take it to the next level with Windows Azure. Whether you’re targeting iOS, Android or Windows, Windows Azure has the tools you need. Windows Azure allows game developers to focus on making great games and scale in the face of unpredictable demand. Learn how real-life game developers are benefiting from Windows Azure.


Epic Games on Windows Azure


Halo 4 Uses Windows Azure


Pixel Pandemic on Windows Azure


Webzen on Windows Azure


Meeting Challenge of Peak Loads


Kobojo on Windows Azure


What are the dev saying about Microsoft Azure?

“We can continue to work with the development language we know, and we are able to scale up when demand is high. It used to take us a week to set up a computer to run the game; this now takes only 10 minutes."   - Vincenzo Tinebra, Cofounder of Waappy

“With Hadoop on Windows Azure, we can mine data and understand our audience in a way we never could before. It’s really the BI solution for the future.” - Mark Vayman, Lead Program Manager, Halo Services Team

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Blogs and Resources

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Windows Azure Mobile Gaming Poster

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