Deploy software across your institution with a FREE ELMS for DreamSpark Webstore


Electronic License Management System (ELMS) for DreamSpark is an electronic software distribution solution included in every DreamSpark subscription at no additional cost. ELMS for DreamSpark provides a Webstore for the easy management and distribution of software licenses to students, faculty and staff, and everything you need to outfit your computer labs. Watch a short introductory video for a quick overview.

2 easy steps to getting ELMS configured at your institution

1. Complete the Request Form to receive your customized ELMS for DreamSpark Webstore. Note that you need to first complete the enrollment process and receive your subscriber ID number before you can submit this request.
Our partner Kivuto will set up your ELMS Webstore once they verify that your institution has an active subscription. When the setup is complete, you will receive an e-mail with the URL to your ELMS Webstore and your administrative login information. Setup can take about five business days.

2. Review the Quick Start Guide to learn how to set up your ELMS for DreamSpark Webstores, and provide user access to your students and faculty in a few easy steps. Your ELMS Webstore is a hosted and automated solution that streamlines all administrative tasks associated with software distribution, including user verification, policy enforcement, software delivery, reporting and more through an easy-to-use interface. ELMS provides:

What are the benefits of having a ELMS Store

Access: A 24/7 online store accessible only by you and your students, faculty and staff.

Customization: Ability to configure the look and feel of your DreamSpark Webstore to your department or school.

Authentication: Ability to define end-user verification types including user import and single sign-on (SSO) methods.

Standard Integrated User Verification (IUV) allows you to set up a SSO system between your organization's existing user authentication system such as LDAP/Active Directory and an ELMS Webstore.

ELMS supports the use of Shibboleth. Shibboleth is an industry standard technology for web SSO across or within organizational boundaries, commonly called Federated Identity Programs.

Ability to create accounts and deploy software to students regardless of whether the institution provides them school-issued email addresses.

Software product key management and distribution.

Secure electronic and/or physical software delivery: Direct or Campus-hosted downloads, usable also behind institution firewalls.

Real-time reporting: access to comprehensive on-demand reports.

Compliance: ELMS complies with all Microsoft and school-specific requirements.

Flexibility: Ability to configure your product catalogues to users under different agreements.

ELMS Resources:

Quick Start Guide
DreamSpark Quick Start Video
Standard Integrated User Verification (IUV) Guide
Standard Integrated User Verification (IUV) Video
Shibboleth Setup Guide
SDM Reference Guide

For further assistance with your ELMS for DreamSpark Webstore, please send an e-mail to or call  +1 613-526-3005

Comments (2)

  1. Raymond DIllon says:

    When will Windows 8.1 be on Dreamspark Premium in the UK?

  2. Lee Stott says:

    Hi Raymond

    windows 8.1 rtm and visual studio 2013 RC are already available on DreamSpark Premium as the offering is managed by via the msdn software portal…/Access.aspx

    Your institution DreamSpark admin should simply enable the products to be displayed to staff and students.

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