Running large research activity on Premise why not use the cloud?

The Windows Azure HDInsight Service Preview has been upgraded and is now integrated with

The HDInsight preview that was hosted on this site ( has moved to be a fully integrated, into the portal. To learn more about the new HDInsight go here.

The service includes a number of enhancements and features ranging from simplified cluster deployment, performance & robustness upgrades, the ability to deploy a cluster of up to 40 nodes and more. A number of tutorials and walkthroughs are available here.

Here is quick walkthrough

1. To sign up, log into your Windows Azure account at  At the bottom of the portal, click on New (+).

2. Then click on DATA SERVICES followed by HDInsight.  Use the preview program link to navigate to sign up page.


At the Preview features page, also accessible from, click on try it now next to Azure HDInsight Preview. Please be warned that this might take up-to a few days.

Getting Started and more Learning Content

Overview presentation  download using the zip link.

Getting to Grips with using HDinsight Hands-on Lab

MSDN Channel 9 Online Video Series

Learn the fundamentals of working with the HDInsight service.

Guidance: Introduction to the Windows Azure HDInsight Service
Guidance: What version of Hadoop is in Windows Azure HDInsight?
Guidance: HDInsight Interactive JavaScript and Hive Consoles
Tutorial: Get Started with the HDInsight Service
Tutorial: Using MapReduce with HDInsight
Tutorial: Using Hive with HDInsight
Tutorial: Using Pig with HDInsight
Tutorial: Connect Excel to Windows Azure HDInsight via HiveODBC
Tutorial: Simple recommendation engine using Apache Mahout   
Tutorial: Analyzing Twitter Data with Hive  
Tutorial: Using HDInsight to process Blob Storage data and write the results to a SQL Database

How To’s

How to: Administer HDInsight
How to: Monitor HDInsight
How to: Deploy an HDInsight Cluster Programmatically
How to: Execute Remote Jobs on Your HDInsight Cluster Programmatically

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