Presentation from Windows Azure in Education Event Summer 2013

Azure in Education

On the 20th of June a number of UK academics and researchers joined us at UCL for a one day event.

The event was simply to learn how Windows Azure can be used in curricula, support research endeavours, and enable student projects.

Additionally we focused on how Institution administrators can explore how to use Windows Azure for infrastructure and application needs. see for attendees.

Here are the presentations from the day

Welcome to Windows Azure - Rob Frazer Microsoft, Cloud CTO


Windows Azure in Academia - Ashwin Karuhatty Microsoft, Director of Academic Programs 

Windows Azure PaaS, IaaS, SaaS - Carlos Oliveira and Windows Azure User Group


Windows Azure Pop Up Labs - Steve Plank Microsoft, Azure Technical Evangelist  


The Windows Azure Prime Challenge  


Windows Azure VM Depot - Steve Lamb, Microsoft Open Technology

Windows Azure in Research - Kenji Takeda, Microsoft Research Connections  

For More details on Windows Azure in Education see the following resources


Microsoft provides Educator Grants for educators wanting to use Windows Azure in their curricula through Windows Azure academic passes. More info


Need access to Windows Azure outside the classroom? Working on a project on cloud computing? Or maybe your master thesis? More info


Tap into resources offered by Microsoft’s Windows Azure Research Engagement project to take your research to the cloud. More info

Institution Administrators

Help your students get the technology skills they need to be successful through Microsoft IT Academy. More info

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