UK team from University of Exeter – Crowned World Wide Imagine Cup Winners

Thursday 11th July was a proud day for our UK and University of Exeter.

Team Colinked with their app SoundSYNK competed against top teams from over 190 countries, beating everyone to win the coveted prize of $50,000 and the title of ‘Imagine Cup Winner’!

The Imagine Cup is a Microsoft Global app competition, bringing together some of the world’s  brightest student technologists, who all compete to try and win cash prizes, trophies and the title.

This year there were over 750,000 entries worldwide, with each country choosing one team that will represent them on the worldwide stage, and those finalist teams then battle it out to win the top prize.

The UK have never won the Imagine cup thus far in its 10 years of existence, and have rarely made it past the first round. But this year it was all about to change…


On February 15th, four students came together to form what could be a real game changer in the Windows Store space. It all started at an Imagine Cup regional event. Teams from around the country came together, all hoping to create award winning apps in the space of 48 hours. With a trip to St Petersburg, Russia, and $50,000 at stake, competition was stiff, and teams weren’t taking things lightly. It was at this event that SoundSYNK were born.

Meet team Colinked and their app SoundSYNK all from University of Exeter (from left to right):

Jonathan Neumann (Programmer), Masters in History, 4th Year (Erasmus Scheme)
Robert Parker (Programmer), Computer science and Mathematics, 2nd year
Alex Bochenski (Business), Business and Economics, 2nd year
Edward Noel (Business), Mechanical engineering, 2nd year

Colinked with SoundSYNK started the competition not knowing each other, but all had the dream of learning how to create and deploy an app into store and with the more important aspiration of winning big money! But who knew that just by randomly sitting together at the start of a day, would equal the creation of a dream team! Read the team’s story here.


Their idea is simple, take a bunch of Windows Phones, link them together, and then play content in perfect harmony across the network of devices. You may think you have seen this kind of thing all before, in the case of the new Galaxy S4 ‘Group play’, or Sono, but SoundSYNK’s app will completely change the way you listen to music as a group. 

The app utilizes Bluetooth creating a mesh-network that has more bandwidth than simply connecting devices over Wifi. By utilizing their backend- technology and Azure, they can stream music to an unlimited number of devices. In reality, what this means is you could be in the middle of nowhere, listening to all the music you want with as many people as you want in perfect harmony. The team put forward a scenario for you:

‘Imagine you were at a festival, you have come back to your tent, after watching some amazing acts, and all you want is for the party to continue. You want to blast some music, but your singular phones are just not loud enough. Imagine if you could play the songs you want, from as many devices as you want in perfect synchrony… Welcome to SoundSYNK’


The team have come up with some revolutionary technology, and they are sure to be the future Zuckerberg’s of the World. Their app is set to come out on all platforms at the end of August, debuting their app on stage at Reading Festival with Basement Jaxx. They will be throwing their music out to the masses all from one phone! Keep your eyes peeled… This app is the next big thing!

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