Windows Phone Games with Construct 2

Guest post by Henry Hoffman from Mudvark.

Who are Mudvark

Mudvark are an independent games studio based in Central London. Specialising in crafting award-winning games for a variety of platforms, they have self-published titles which include Mortar Mellon for Windows8 and Windows Phone 8.


Windows Phone can be a great platform to release your Construct 2 games. My tests have shown it to outperform iOS and Android, enjoying silky-smooth gameplay even with physics-intensive games. The marketplace is also much less competitive than rivals, making it the perfect platform to test your game before branching out into more competitive territory.

Unfortunately the mobile version of Internet Explorer 10 has some shortcomings, so I created the Windows Phone Plugin for Construct 2 to plug the gaps, giving better performance and native feature support.

I have created an extensive walkthrough/tutorial and how to get started building for Windows Phone 8 using Construct2 and will ensure that this is to kept up to date as new features are added.

The tutorial will guide you through adding the necessary features to a basic Construct 2 game, so that it will run and pass certification on Windows Phone.


What is Construct2..

Scirra Ltd was founded in May 2011 by brothers Ashley and Thomas Gullen based in Twickenham, SW London. You can read more about the people behind Scirra on the team page. Construct 2 is there flagship product. It is the next generation of programming-free game creation. It has been described by customers as "Photoshop for games" and is develops games using HTML5/JS Learn more about Construct 2.

Getting Started with Construct2 and Windows Phone 8

Firstly ensure you’ve downloaded and installed Construct2 and the Windows Phone Plugin for Construct 2.

The Tutorial is structured as follows

The full tutorial is posted on the Scirra Forum at

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