What is Nokia/Microsoft AppCampus?

Background to http://www.Appcampus.fi 

Appcampus is a joint effort between Nokia and Microsoft  to build a new global mobile eco-system around the Windows Phone platform.

Nokia and Microsoft selected Aalto University as a partner to accelerate the development of the eco-system globally. Aalto University initiated the AppCampus program to foster the development of new self-sustaining mobile innovation ventures via education, entrepreneurship and research programs.

The goal of the AppCampus program is to create a self-sustaining application development ecosystem that would organically generate new services and applications for Windows Phone and Nokia Platforms.

Funding Available

Awards: 20,000 -70.000 euro per App/Game

Level 1 (e.g. 20kEUR)
• Relatively simple (standalone) applications.
• In calendar time we would expect this to be done in two months.

Level 2 (e.g. 50kEUR)
• Application which requires interfacing with some existing network (cloud) based service/media/information.
• In calendar time we would expect this to be done in three months.

Level 3 (e.g. 70kEUR)
• Application which includes the development of the network (cloud) service back-end, and interfacing with it.
• In calendar time we would expect this to be done in four months or more.

What support is provided?

Dedicated resources, coaching & Education, Product-oriented
Professional Software development, Process & Quality Assurance
Network & Marketing Support, Marketplace & Nokia Store

What are the clauses?

IPRs remain property of the developers. NOT NOKIA or Microsoft
No Equity dilution.
No Revenue Share required.

Why are Nokia and Microsoft doing this?

Fostering Next level of UX & Entrepreneurial Innovation

So how do you get started?

Creating a Kick Ass Submission

Application should meet some(*) combination of the criteria:
1. Innovative, first-to-market app-concepts.
2. Differentiated, unique apps, not already available on competing
operating systems.
3. Support for key features and APIs of the platform as they
become available.
4. Demonstrated design elegance and technical quality.
5. Potential to drive momentum of the new ecosystems.

Like what?

Innovative First-to-market app-idea(not seen before on any mobile platforms)
Differentiated/Unique Not already published in any mobile app stores
Key features/APIs Support key features and APIs of the platform
Convincing Overall Proposal Demonstrated design, technical, and business excellence
Popularity/Commercial value Potential for mass appeal and/or revenue generation

Use Features

Live Tiles & Secondary Tile
Push Notifications
Nokia Maps/LBS
Try and Buy
Lock Screen (WP8)
In App Purchase (WP8)
Speech (WP8)
Deals/Wallet (WP8)
Lenses (WP8)
App to App Communication (WP8, Nokia Music)

NB. Mere ports of existing applications or simple feeds of syndicated content will not be eligible for funding.


Comments (3)

  1. Ray Abraham says:

    Dear Sir,

    Extremely impressed with Microsoft/Nokia terminals, phones and Apps, and want to see the continued success and growth as I am loyal to the brand and the resultant image of Nokia.

    I am Raymond Abraham and come from a very strong Digital Marketing/Apps and ICT background. I have developed a series of Apps which I would like to partner or negotiate the rights to Nokia.

    My number is +1758 485 5447.

    My LinkedIn profile is Ray Abraham-VP-MD Consulting.

    Finally, my email address is rayabraham2002@gmail.com

  2. Yagmoth555 says:

    Hi 🙂 we should fix the link to appcampus.fi, this is now a domain owned by someone else

    1. Lee Stott says:

      thanks this was a number of years ago 🙂 all reference to the hyperlink have been removed.

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