Unity step up their support for small Indies and Students by going FREE



“The basic version of Windows Store will be free, so Win8 desktop/tablet/WP8 are all covered.  Also all users of Unity Pro will get the basic Windows Store product for free.” Andy Brammall, EMEA Biz Dev for Unity

Announced by Unity is their support for small indies and students (as measured by a annual turnover of less than $100k)

Unity announced that they are now  providing free licensing to iOS, Android and Windows/Windows Phone platforms. 

This is a significant announcement for the UK with indie game devs and a great opportunity for you to build and publish games to both Windows & Windows Phone. Unity is one of the largest middleware frameworks utilised by all flavours of games developers.  It’s estimated to have around 60% utilisation of the total game dev audience (including students).  With this announcement Unity have allowed developer to publish games to all app stores so if your a developers who is currently developing for iOS & Android you can now look to publish these titles to Windows 8 and Windows Phone for FREE. 

This announcement about free licensing takes away a key blocker which has prevented UK Students from publishing portfolios of games developed in Unity.

For more details see http://blogs.unity3d.com/2013/05/21/putting-the-power-of-unity-in-the-hands-of-every-mobile-developer/ and http://www.develop-online.net/news/44232/Unity-mobile-game-development-goes-free

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