Using the Windows Azure Cloud – Makes all your development dreams possible

Following on from Sarah Lamb great post at UK MSDN “Imagine a scenario in which you were able to add new levels to a platform game immediately after they have been built. Using a cloud backend makes this all possible, and when you can also track significant quantities of data to keep your game flow smooth and your players engaged, you give your title the best chance it has at being great at player retention.”

I wanted to ask the following questions…

How many of you use the cloud today in your gaming experience?

Take a look at following video

Now ask yourself the question again? 

So this is how we see the use of games and apps on modern devices 


How do you see your consumers using devices, apps, services and infrastructure?

What does Windows Azure Offer?


what you can do


How many of want to use the cloud but not sure where to start?

Simply go to

Windows Azure 3 month free trial

  • // Quickly build, deploy & manage applications.
  • // Use any operating system, language or tool.
  • // No obligation, totally free.

your free trial contains

Or if your a academic or student go to

How many are you just really interested in learning more about the cloud?

One of the key features for mobile app/game developers is Azure Mobile Services which supports Windows, iOS, Android and HTML

What does Azure Mobile Services offer?


Interested to hear what the thought leaders in the RU Gaming Industry think re: The opportunity of the Cloud?

See the following summary document EU Cloud Gaming Conference 2013

simply click on the image to download your PDF copy to keep.


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