Windows In Academia Presentations

On the 26th of March we held an event to help raise awareness of the opportunity of Windows 8 and Windows Phone within academic gaming courses.

The intention of the event was to..

1. Introduce the latest technology released by Microsoft

2. Present the curricula resources available for academics

3. Provide an overview and guidance on 3rd party frameworks available to be used within the teaching, learning of games.

During the day the speakers highlighted changes users should expect from games developed for Windows Phone and Windows 8, the new cool features available and the new integrated services in the OS and partner frameworks.

Additionally attendees had the chance to hear from academics already using these frameworks within their curricula and gain an understanding of how these and Windows 8 are ideal for teaching game development to students

Please find the presentation from the day below.

The Opportunity of Windows - Lee Stott Microsoft

 Getting to Grips with Frameworks Seminar 1 TouchDevelop David Renton, Reid Kerr College

What is Touch Develop Video

 Getting to Grips with Frameworks Seminar 2 UNITY & Windows 8, Lee Stott Microsoft


Getting to Grips with Frameworks Seminar 3 Scirra Construct2, Andrew Wilson, Birmingham City University




Getting to grips with Frameworks Seminar 4 MonoGame and XNA, Rob Miles, University of Hull

Getting to grips with Frameworks Seminar 5 GameMaker, Jacob Habgood, Sheffield Hallam University

Getting to grips with Frameworks Seminar 6 C++/DX, David Fletcher


Overview of Microsoft IT Academy Craig Bewley Prodigy Learning

Overview of available resources. Lee Stott Microsoft

Comments (2)

  1. David Renton says:

    Is there a way to make the videos work? Great work though putting this all together here.

  2. Giles Farmer says:

    It was a very good event… Thanks to all involved

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