Getting started with Windows Phone 8 development



Here a quick guide to the best resources for Windows Phone 8


Design & Developer Resources

Windows Phone Design Guidelines and Tutorials

Windows Phone Developer Resources

Design Boot Camp

Windows Phone Design Bootcamp covers the philosophy, inspiration and visuals that are Windows Phone Design Language. Starting with the basic terminology of design, this boot camp will take you from its early origins to the Design Principles each screen in Windows Phone was measured against. From there, we will show you the design process that guided its creation. Lastly, we will discuss the larger Microsoft Design ecosystem including Windows 8.

Samples and Tutorials

Download Windows Phone code samples and demo apps. New samples are added frequently in JavaScript, C++, C#, and VB.NET.You can also download code samples for other products like Windows 8, Windows Azure, Office, SharePoint, Silverlight, or explore the Official Visual Studio 2010 C#, VB.NET, and 101 LINQ samples.

General Web Resources

Windows Phone Developer Portal

Windows Phone Developer Blog

Windows Phone Channel 9 Video Resources

Windows Phone Development Twitter http:/

Training Resources

Absolute Beginners Guide

Jump Start Video Training Resources and Content

Windows Phone 8 Training Kit, virtual labs and resources

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